On the page you will be able to find commonly asked questions as well as any information needed to contact us if you have any questions that have been unanswered.

Commonly Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the products, packaging or process feel free to look at some commonly asked questions below. If non of these answered your question please contact us through the information provided below.
  1. 0
    Do you have very high minimums?
    We have the lowest minimums (24 units) in the industry.
  2. 1
    How long does it take to get started?
    We can have merchandise into your hands in as little as few weeks.
  3. 2
    Will I have to invest a lot of money?
    You can start up a private label with us for less than a few hundred dollars.
  4. 3
    Do you have label templates we can simply add our logo to?
    Yes we do, for a small fee you can use one of our pre-designed labels and simply add your logo to it. (Contact us for details)
  5. 4
    Won't I have to maintain a large inventory?
    In almost all cases we can make product as it is needed or we can warehouse it for you. We can also drop ship product directly to your customer and they will never know you did not ship it.
  6. 5
    Do you have to be a megastore or chain before private label makes sense?
    We do private labels for even the traditional mom and pop store all the way up to the guys who supply the mass market stores.
  7. 6
    Can you drop ship products for us?
    Yes, we can drop ship your products and even warehouse them for you.
  8. 7
    Does "Dynamic Supplements" appear on my label or packaging?
    No, we do not and will not use the name of logo of Dynamic Supplements on any private label products.




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